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Quomai’s marketing and loyalty platform allows you to connect with your existing and new customers:

Mobile loyalty card

Set up a new loyalty program or extend your existing loyalty program taking advantage of the mobile channel. Customers will join your loyalty program on their smartphones through Quomai mobile app.

Mobile coupons and offers

Send offers and mobile coupons to your customers’ phones to get foot traffic to your store. Track coupon redemption on real time. Get customer feedback and improve your service.

Store geolocation

Increase your stores’ visibility. Increase your brand’s awareness. Bring relevant info right to your customers’ smartphones

Track results

Manage your loyalty program and rewards. Track promotional campaign redemption. Get valuable feedback for your sales growth.

No matter your company's size

Manage offline customers too

Already have a loyalty card? Go mobile

Works even if you don't have a website

No Point of Sale investment needed

How it works

Quomai’s platform helps you engage your customers and increase your sales. It’s very easy to set up and manage. And your customers will love it. See how it works and why everybody is so excited about mobile marketing:

Do you want to go mobile?

We’ll help you set up your mobile loyalty program. Your customers will always carry your card on their mobile phones. Just get in touch with us today: