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Quomai | Mobile loyalty and rewards cards

How it works

Quomai’s platform helps you engage your customers and increase your sales. It’s very easy to set up and manage. And your customers will love it. See how it works and why everybody is so excited about mobile marketing:


Set up your mobile loyalty card

Sign up to get your business account. Set up your mobile loyalty card in a few minutes and start rewarding your customers. You will also be able to manage a mobile marketing campaign and track its results.


Customers join your program

Customers can join your loyalty program by downloading Quomai’s free mobile app and adding your mobile rewards card. They´ll love it: it’s convenient and they can easily stay informed about your program’s benefits and offers.


Your customer earns points

At your point of sale, your customers earn points and redeem mobile coupons and offers you’ve sent to them. All they have to do is read the QR code we we will provide for each of your stores. It’s easy and fun for your customers and cost-efficient for your business!


Notify your customers

Your customers will get alerts and notifications whenever they get a reward or receive a new mobile coupon you send them. You can easily manage coupon campaigns and notifications from your Quomai’s business account dashboard.


Get to know them better

You’ll be able to track your loyalty program performance and coupon redemption so you can learn which offers and services are more appealing to your customers. You’ll have all the tools to provide the best service to your customers.